Thursday, September 6, 2007

Texture Magic Dimensional Paint by Delta

It's eewy, it's gooey and you get to stick your finger in it. What could be more fun than that? I love this stuff! I think it is made to be applied over a stencil and then when the stencil is removed it leaves a raised image, but I love it for scrapping.

For this layout I first drew the wave shape onto a piece of transparency then I applied the texture paint and pushed it around with my finger until it had a shape I liked and left it to dry. Once dried I painted it with acrylic paints and finally applied a little bit of shimmery ink to the top.

Here I used it for waves again applying it directly to the paper and then giving it a quick once over with acrylic paint again.
Fun and economical (I still have half the tube left) I think it gives a lot of dimension and texture as well as a totally unique look!
There are a couple of other thrifty tricks on this layout. The title was cut from the leftover water from cropped pieces of photographs. I made the little tow rope handle by bending a paperclip!


Scrappy Friends said...

SO much fun!!

Lori McDonald said...

You pages are soooo awesome!!!! I love them Amy!!!