Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Free Embellishment Idea

Recently I made a scrapbook for my sister all about the construction of her new home. I didn't have much notice when making the album so I instantly hit the internet in search of the perfect patterned papers and embellishments. One of the embellishments I purchased were these way cute paint can lids by K&Company. If I remember correctly they were close to $5.00!

Right off the bat I wished that the stickers on them were larger and more easy to read. But, they worked none the less. (Excuse the photo, the one lid that I ended up using is missing from the set.)

Soon after I finished up the album I was making orange juice from frozen concentrate.
I opened the frozen tube and discarded everything in the trash and then it hit me that the metal top that just pops off is exactly like the K&Company lids. I pulled that sucker from the trash and stuck it the dishwasher! I've been saving them ever since.

How cute would it be to make your own labels to add to the lid? Or to use them on cards - I see them as wheels, hubcaps, maybe painted to match the plates used on your thanksgiving table, or turned into super cute xmas ornaments as tags for xmas presents! How about a row of them each containing a letter for a layout title?

You've just got to love a Freebee with so many possibilities!!

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