Monday, September 3, 2007

I've got the Bug!

Ever have one of those days when you just have to get out of the house? I'm heading out today in search of fun things to use for scrapping and storage. I'm planning on hitting a few thrift stores an antique mall and then previewing an auction in town that is taking place this afternoon. I'll be sure to post any goodies I find. Wish me luck!

That being of the Summer Paperbag Album kits went unclaimed. So a new name has been selected...


if you could please email me your address at I'd be happy to send you your kit.

I'm posting this layout because I wanted to talk about the title. My tip for today is to use your chipboard shapes and letters as templates. For the title I traced around Making Memories Chipboard Letters onto paper printed with text. Then I cut out the letters and smeared different colors of pastels onto them. Next, using thin markers I added the graffiti mimicing the shapes and words I found in the actual pictures. Finally, I outlined them with a thick black marker to finish them off.

I like the way they look and how they have the feel of the skate park. I really like how nothing on the Layout competes with the not so colorful photographs...which after all is why I made the page in first place.


Lori McDonald said...

This is awesome!! I love it!!!

Everything ok?? I emailed you and didn't hear back from you!!!!


TammyB said...

I love this - it's so perfect for a teenage boy. I was wondering what the mesh was along the bottom?

(BTW - followed Lori over her from her blog)

Amy McCarty said...

Hi Tammyb-

The mesh is from an old Making Memories kit of all kinds of different metal meshes that I have had in my stash for years...but, you can buy it Home Depot- it's just fencing.