Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time Saver Tip #1

If you read my last post you'll probably think that I am insane when I tell you that I have been working on Christmas Cards. But, before you decide that someone has to help this poor woman and try to have me committed, let me explain.

My time saver tip #1 is to realize that sometimes you can't do it all and that sometimes it's okay to use a little help. In this case help came in the form of a Christmas Card kit. After years of making handmade cards for the holidays everyone has now come to expect them. This year I won't let them down- I just won't be designing them myself. I ordered this awesome kit from QVC ( item number F03675 if case you are interested) The kit contains 50 cards - 2 each of 25 different designs!. Each design comes in it's own bag with everything you need precut and ready to be assembled! I've made half the cards in less than 2 hours!
All I have needed so far is my trusty Zip Dry Glue and a pair of scissors. You can make these ANYWHERE as everything is stored together in a cute candy cane striped box.

So while I haven't had time to sit still in my scrapping room to create- I have found time at the kitchen table while talking on the phone and today I am planning on taking the whole kit and caboodle to the dentist office waiting room. They are
famous for keeping me waiting!

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