Friday, September 7, 2007

Scraps, Scraps and More Scraps

A fun and economical way to make titles is by using letter stencils. You can find letter stencils just about anywhere they sell poster board. Use the actual stencil and cover it with paper- then use your hole punch to get at the hard parts and cut out the letter. Made with scraps of leftover paper, ribbon and embellishments- each one is unique. They work great for cards too! I've always thought they would be amazing if making an alphabet album- just haven't gotten to that yet! HA!

A couple of other economical tips... the sand on the Summer title is actually cut from paint chips that have a real sandy texture found at the home improvement store- but, actual sandpaper would work just as well. On the Yum title all the treats are stickers. To lose that bumpy sticker look you get when applying one over multiple layers I stuck them onto white cardstock and then cut them out and adhered them using pop dots.

To give the Monogram letters even more definition I applied ink. Using a make-up sponge cut in half I stuck it in the ink and then inside the edges of the letter
before I glued it to the background. Did you know that once you use a make-up sponge you can reuse it in another color just by snipping of the edge with ink on it? Then
it's good as new. Another way to add definition to the letters would be to carefully
outline them with a thin marker.

I think these stencils would be to make gift tags for xmas.. use xmas themed papers and embellishments and the gift recipients initial!

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kimble said...

These cards are adorable! Thanks for sharing them and all your neat tricks with us!